Taking Care of your Jewellery

Taking Care of your Jewellery

Allure crafted silver jewellery is made from pure sterling silver, in some cases plated in gold.

What is sterling silver?

Commonly known as sterling silver but also as 925 sterling silver, this is the highest quality silver used for crafting jewellery. It is an alloy of pure silver mixed with other metals to increase durability.

Why don’t we use pure silver for jewellery making?

Fine silver (also known as pure silver 99.9%) is most often avoided in the art of jewellery making because of its high pliability, softness and increased chances of denting, scratching and bending ( similar to Gold which is also used in an alloyed form to avoid same).

Sterling silver is alloyed with 7.5% of other metals, usually copper to help harden it up! The remainder is 92.5% pure silver hence the name 925 sterling silver!

What alloy is used in silver jewellery making?

While other metals can also be used, copper helps maintain the lustre and colour of the metal and extends its durability best.

What is oxidized silver?

Naturally tarnished silver jewellery takes on a beautiful blackish-grey sheen. This is a colour that is quite sought after by silver jewellery enthusiasts and a process to imitate this finish is quite often used, referred to as an oxidized finish. The jewellery is purposefully blackened by applying a chemical to darken its appearance.

Silver Jewellery Care Guide

Allure Crafted Silver Jewellery is made from 925 sterling silver. With a little extra care , you can keep these beauties lovely for longer.

How to prevent tarnishing:

Silver usually tarnishes when it reacts with sulphur which naturally occurs in the air. This blackish grey tint is most easily removed when it starts to become visible.

Silver will also tarnish with regular exposure to your busy lifestyle- perfumes, moisturisers, hairspray, soaps and even perspiration play a part in the diminishing colour of your jewellery.

5 easy ways to keep your silver jewellery sparkling:

  • Accessorize at the end! Wear your jewellery once the perfumes, moisturisers and other aromatic products have already been applied.
  • Avoid bathing your jewellery! Try not to swim or shower while wearing them.
  • Your jewellery could do without the jog or the yoga! Take them off when your exercise so you don’t get them sweaty!
  • While the sun and the surf look great on those insta posts of your fab jewellery, the direct sunlight and salty water and air wont do their shine any good. Please leave them inyour bag while at the beach.
  • As with most precious things, it’s all in the detail of how you store them after use. Read on to find out more.
  • in the event the colour of your jewellery fades, it can always be polished to get its shine back.

Pearl care:

As with your silver, don’t expose your pearls to water and sweat either.

Wipe them down with a soft cloth and store them wrapped in a similar cloth in a dry place.

Care of stone jewellery:

We use Semi precious stones like Garnet, Citrine, Quartz, Amethyst, Corals and Turquoise with our silver designs. It is advised that these are stored in a pouch so avoid them being scratched by other jewellery or stones.

Storing silver jewellery

No one likes tangled chains! Avoid the fuss when you’re in a hurry to wear them by storing chains always fastened, and extender chains always locked on the last link.

Silver jewellery should always be stored in a cool dry container, and wrapped separately from each other as jewellery stored together could scratch each other. Ziplock bags and soft pouches are perfect.

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